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Hans Wewerka
Fabio Hugel
Fabio Hugel
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Klaus Doldinger
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Herman Rarebell
Tri orisky pro Popelku
Tri orisky pro Popelku
Michael Jackson - King of Pop
Michael Jackson
King of Pop


The editions Musikverlag Hans Wewerka, Edition Modern Musik- und Bühnenverlag, Edition Modern AG, Edition Modern Zürich, Edition Cosmoton, Terraton-Verlag were founded in 1952 by Hans Wewerka, very famous name in the music business environment. They worked from their headquarters in Munich until 2008, then moved to Switzerland, to their MHW Musikverlag GmbH office situated in Horgen (Zürich), managed by the very talented and professional Fabio Hugel.

The catalogue includes over 5,000 titles. Prestigious songwriters like Klaus Doldinger, Stephan Massimo, Andreas Köbner, Helmut Trunz, Joe Haider, Werner Heymann, Eugen Thomass, Karl-Ernst Sasse, Peer Raben, Florian Fricke, etc. have given over their work to Editions Hans Wewerka and to Edition Modern. Even rock music is part of the Hans Wewerka Editions repertoire, such as tracks from the albums "Rock Ballads" (with the book "The Scorpion - Here I Am"), "Herman Ze German and Friends - Stings Like a Scorpion" by Herman Rarebell, member of the famous German group the Scorpions.


TV Series and Publishing Catalogues

An important part of the repertoire is the music from world famous 400 TV series, for example "Ein Fall für Zwei", "Wolffs Revier", "Derrick", "Der Alte", "Lady Cop (Die Kommissarin)", "Soko 5113", "Tatort", "Die rote Zora", "Popeye", "Die Verbrechen des Prof. Capellari", "Krtek the Mole", "Faust", "Urmel", "Around the World in 80 Days", "Le clan du bonheur", etc. As a result, the MHW Musikverlag repertoire is one of the widest for what concerns TV series music.

Thanks to years of experience and its excellent business connections, MHW Musikverlag manages to gain, and particularly effectively so, the highest royalties. The serious work, the punctuality and precision of the reports has enabled MHW Musikverlag to improve the management of third party repertoires. There are direct agents for MHW Musikverlag in Switzerland, France, Austria, Benelux, Spain and Scandinavia.


Film Music

MHW Musikverlag also owns the rights to numerous and globally famous film soundtracks such as those by Rainer Werner Fassbinder: "Lili Marleen", "Lola", "Die Ehe der Maria Braun", "Querelle", "Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss", "In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden", etc., but also "Fitzcarraldo", "Agilok & Blubbo", "Nosferatu", "Drei Schwestern Made in Germany", "Goodbye, Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death" and the last of the series "Azzurro" with Paolo Villaggio, a film which enjoyed a great success in Europe and which was written by a famous film soundtracks composer from Switzerland, Louis Crelier. It must not be forgotten the melting soundtrack for "Three Wishes for Cinderella (Tri orisky pro Popelku)" by Karel Svoboda, which is broadcast by every broadcasting company throughout the world at Christmastime. This beautiful soundtrack is available in its original for piano, Symphonic Suite, as well as in a version for beginners.


The Jazz Repertoire

The Jazz music catalogue is equally important. In the 50s and 60s, Hans Wewerka produced hundreds of interpretations by the legendary Mal Waldron, Dusko Goykovich, Carlos Diernhammer, Hans Posegga, the trumpeter Albert Mangelsdorff, the saxophonist Heinz Sauer, the bassist Günter Lenz, the drummer Ralph Hübner. Very prestigious are the recordings with the sextet Dusko Goykovich and their swing improvisations of Eastern folk music. These recordings, real jewels of jazz, are available among the "INMUS" CD series.


Music for Advertising

MHW Musikverlag also works in the TV commercial break sector. Important advertising agents working on a European basis have placed the management of publishing rights for TV and advertising film into Hans Wewerka Editions' hands.


Sheet Music

A further business sector for MHW Musikverlag is sheet music. Among the most appreciated publications, we can cite:

  • Building Jazz Bass Line by Ron Carter
  • Das moderne Arrangement (Vol. 1 and 2) by Russell Garcia
  • The music score of "Three Wishes for Cinderella (Drei Haselnusse fur Aschenbrodel)" is available in its original version for piano, Symphonic Suite and a version for beginners
  • Typical Czech music by Karel Svoboda and Vaclav Kaucky ("Rauschende Birken")
  • Greatest hits by the legendary Peter Alexander ("Danke schön, es war bezaubernd") and Robert Stolz ("Frühjahrsparade-Marsch, Herzegowina-Marsch")


Michael Jackson Book

Very few and rare original copies of the book entitled "Michael Jackson - King of Pop" published by X Medien AG / Edition Modern in the far back 2001 by biographer Christian Marks are still available in MHW Musikverlag stores. For more detailed information see the PAPER section of this site.


Background Mood Music

The "INMUS" CD series - The Real Acoustic Sound Collection is available at good rates also in the form of music library (mood music) for the sound of audiovisual productions.


On 1st July 2011, the music catalogues of MHW Musikverlag GmbH was bought by MHW Music S.r.l.

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